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April 12, 2006
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Identity Crisis by princefala Identity Crisis by princefala
I drew this lad with Eurotrish a while back. He's a background character in Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends and despite the fact that he's had maybe a few seconds of airtime, I luvv'im to death. I've been calling him Bimey Lastard because A. He's got a British accent, B. because I didn't think he had an actual name. Anyway, cgaussie and I have been RPing him and Eurotrish and she made a discovery whilst credit-surfing.

He has got a name; It's Ringo Rango!

Mac mentioned a "Ringo Rango" as well as a "Lingo Ringo" in Adoptcalypse Now so there was a little confusion still, but now it is official. He is Ringo Rango.

As for the picture, it's just a random doodle I did whilst RPing. In our RP, he's got a few scars on his arm and back and right there he's looking at one of 'em. I kind of liked how this sketchcame out so I finished it and tossed in the grafitti in honour of the discovery :P KInd of sad, though. I rather liked Bimey Lastard -_-

ballpoint pen, coloured pencils

Ringo Rango belongs to Craig McCracken
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Looks like a plant man from Barsoom [link]
Love the coloring and the Ringo Rango name..
You did this with only ballpoint pens and colored pencils?? HOw the heck did you get it so bright and crisp??
kyria Apr 14, 2006  Professional General Artist
man, even yer doodles are pro. XD
The folds in his skin and clothing look really crinkly and nice.. and I want to touch his hair. x3 I doubt he'd enjoy that.
As I told you when you first shown me this, I love it to effin bits. I too, am sad at loosing Bimey Lastard. It's a deliciously fun name, but Ringo Rango IS his name. So we have to accept this.

And aw, poor fella's thinking back to his days on the streets. But he's more optimistic about his scars then some.
SynDuo Apr 13, 2006   General Artist
I was credit sufering for this guy too for awhile, i completly missed that ^^ all i got was "friend #2" but sweet Ringo Rango, awesome detective work ^^
TheBlizzardBuffalo Apr 13, 2006
The shading and coloring looks great!
Awseome picture, even though Ringo Rango looks a little sad.

I hope he's OK:?
the-infamous-drifter Apr 12, 2006
that looks like thing 1 or thing2 from one of those dr.suess books...

But it is cool looks sad though
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